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Apoyo de la ACEP a la Especialidad

February 22, 2006

Francisco Aramburu
Secretario of Professional Relations SEMES
C Capitaln Haya 60 1°
28020 Madrid

Dear Mr. Aramburu:

I wish to congratulate you and your colleagues for your ongoing efforts to develop and gain approval for the specialty of emergency medicine in Spain. For many years, the American College of Emergency Medicine (ACEP) has observed, with great enthusiasm, the efforts of the Spanish Society of Medicine of Urgencies and Emergencies (SEMES) in Spain.

I firmly believe that the specialty of emergency medicine is a vitally important, core component of any health care system. Efforts to gain specialty status should be supported by the government as well as by the other medical specialties in Spain. Such status will improve the structure and stature of the specialty in Spain, improve resident education and benefit your patients.

To the extent practical, the College would like to support your efforts to promote emergency medicine in Spain. Please let us know how our organizations might work together for the sake of the specialty, and the patients we serve. ACEP’s official International Ambassador to Spain is Robert Schafermeyer, MD, FACEP who is also a past president of ACEP. Dr. Schafermeyer also visited your country in 2001. He, too, strongly supports your efforts to achieve specialty status. Dr. Schafermeyer’s contact information is rschafermeyer@acep.org.

Best wishes to you in your efforts to have the government and house of medicine in Spain recognize Emergency Medicine as a medical specialty in your wonderful country.


Frederick C. Blum, MD, FACEP, FAAP

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