lunes, febrero 20


Estimado Senor, Aramburu

Thank you for your recent letter and I am very pleased to learn that you are seeking to establish Emergency Medicine as a specialty in Spain.

You may know that The European Society for Emergency Medicine (EuSEM) is developing a federation of European Societies of Emergency Medicine and I am hopeful that SEMES intends to become a member very soon.

There will be a great advantage if we can demonstrate strength of numbers and we consider it very important to have Spain as part of the federation.

Please let me know if there is anything specific that you think EuSEM could do for SEMES at this time. You will know that a Manifesto for Emergency Medicine in Spain was agreed following the Mediterranean Emergerncy Medicine Congress in Sitges in 2003 and I wonder whether it would be helpful to submit this again to the appropriate authority.

I look forward to staying in correspondence with you and your colleagues (and I apologise that an incomplete version of this>> letter was sent in error).

Le envio un atento saludo,

David Williams
(President of EuSEM).

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