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December 4, 2007

Endowed Director Javier Olave Lusarreta
Diario Medico
Paseo de la Castellana, 66.
280 46 MADRID

Two weeks ago in connection with the TOP 20 Hospital Conference in Madrid I was given the opportunity to give an interview for Diario Medico that I see as a very important contributor to the development of the Spanish Health Care system.

EuSEM is watching with interest the development of Emergency Medicine in Spain. With our many contacts in Spain, the EuSEM also recognizes the different problems of the Emergency departments and of their patients and doctors. We are informed about the latest decisions in the Spanish Parliament urging the government to create the speciality of Emergency Medicine.

Recently we read a declaration of the minister of health in Spain telling that there will be no change in the specialities in Spain this year. Knowing of all the previous reports of different commissions (all agree with the creation of the speciality of Emergency Medicine (EM now a basic speciality in 45 countries)) and following the policy statement of the EuSEM, we have to say that this decision will represent a step backwards in comparison with a lot of other European countries. We also know that the creation of the speciality of Emergency Medicine in Spain would help to resolve some of the problems of the Emergency departments in your country.

The European Society for Emergency Medicine (EuSEM) includes a Federation of 22 European national societies of Emergency Medicine and thus represents more than 12,000 emergency physicians in Europe.

The main objective of EuSEM is to ensure the highest quality of emergency care for patients in need. This care is best delivered by physicians trained in Emergency Medicine. Emergency Medicine should be developed as a medical specialty in all EU countries in order that patients have access to high quality emergency care.


Gunnar Öhlén

Head, Department of Emergency Medicine
M.D., Ph.D, President
European Society for Emergency Medicine, EuSEM
Karolinska University Hospital - Huddinge
SE-141 86 Stockholm

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